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The Australian Shepherd has been bred for years for their intelligence, intensity and instinct for working livestock.

Dogs bred to look pretty for the show ring and for the pet market resemble less and less the original Australian Shepherd in both mental and physical characteristics. The good news is we strive to maintain these herding qualities in the dogs we produce.

Potential Aussie owners must be aware of the guardian tendency and understand that normal precautions should be taken when introducing strangers to the Aussie's territory and family. Also, if there are children, be aware that the Aussie may exhibit its protective nature when "its" children play with other children, particularly if the play involves running and rough housing.

Because Aussies were developed to manage livestock, their intelligence and energy needs to be used elsewhere if they are not to be worked. When raised with children, Aussies love kids and quickly become a playmate. Aussies don't necessarily need a farm to exercise on, but they do need daily exercise and attention - most Aussies love to play ball and Frisbee, and many love water and swimming.

Discover the wonder that is an Australian Shepherd from Cloyd Aussies.

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