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Aussie flexibilityAn Aussie will be the biggest kid in your home, they will whine when they don't get their way and smile when they do.  Aussies love their people, almost to a fault, they want to help you with everything your doing. This includes moving the hose to fill the water buckets, right after you rolled it up, digging to plant a new garden, in the wrong spot, and herding your friends to the front door, quickly.

Aussies are not a couch potato type of dog, they don't like watching television, unless they hear a dog bark and then they run to the door. They will however sit on you while you watch television as long as they can be with you or do what you are doing. If you leave your Aussie in the house for a minute and come back, do not be surprised when you are greeted by a bouncing wiggling body saying hello and acting as if you've been gone for years.
Aussie Personality
Aussies are like shadows and trip hazards, they want to be with you everywhere. You will never be able to go to the bathroom by yourself again.  It is this aspect of their personality that made the Aussie a favorite and faithful herding dog. They do everything with style, and are normally not afraid to try new things.

They have the best sense of humor of any dog I have ever met. They will do something just to get a reaction out of you, and then sit there and laugh and smile about it and boy can they talk. They will tell you about their entire day if you let them and go get objects to use as props in the story.

If you decide to get an Aussie there are traits that you need to read about also, Aussies are not for everyone.

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