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You have to remember with any education that you are the one being educated not the dog or puppy.  Dogs only do what comes naturally, whether that is being a pack mate or the alpha.  Dogs are only comfortable when they understand their role within the pack, that of alpha or pack mate.

Your established role as alpha allows the dog to predict the reactions and needs of the rest of his or her pack. Without this basic understanding the dog never knows when punishment or rewards will occur, and will spend most of the time anxious, worried and very unpredictable.  Going through a class, or conducting basic obedience at home helps to establish you in the role of alpha and lays down clear guidelines that the puppy or dog can follow.  If you, or someone in your home doesn’t take this role, the dog is forced to become the alpha because there must always be an alpha. The alpha controls everything; eating, drinking, accepted behavior, rewards, and punishment. This is an inherent understanding between dogs of the pack, it doesn’t matter if the alpha is human or dog, but there must be one.

Having a clear alpha allows the dog to relax, since they then know what behaviors earn what types of attention, good or bad, and they know where it will come from.

The three (3) second rule is a good place to start your understanding of training. The dog or puppy will connect the praise or punishment to the activity they were doing no more than three (3) seconds earlier. What that means is if you walk in to the room and there is a pile of brown stinky stuff on the floor, if it was deposited more than three (3) seconds ago the puppy or dog has forgotten they did it and sticking their nose in it won’t do any good. If you don’t catch them in the act and punish immediately it does no good.

Education comes in many forms; books, video, and websites just to name a few.  I have listed some here that have been of great help to me, or suggested from friends that own Aussies over the years.

I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

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