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Go by

Go by the way of the clock or clockwise. " full flanking command. "go" smaller flanking commands for smaller movement.

Away to me

Go counter clockwise. Full flanking command. "away" is a smaller flanking command.

Right & left

Always the dog's right and left.


The dog should turn in to the stock, cover, and hold. The dog should act like a rudder.


Stop. In training, this will end the previous exercise so you can get on to the next exercise.


Stop on the dogs feet. If you begin early using a stop the down will come much easier. The stop is always introduced when you are sure the dog will stop so the dog can learn by doing.


To teach your dog a "steady", you would have the dog "walk up" then say "steady down (or stop)" as one word. This will get the dog thinking that steady is down. I do the same process for a slow walk up. All one word walk down (stop) till the dog doesn't want to start walking.

Will come with time, training and experience. We begin with down and walk up to slow the dog down. We want the dog to figure out the right pace so we don't have to control the pace. This is very important. I don't like to use the word steady; i want the dog to begin to develop a "steady" on his own.

Walk up

Come straight on to the stock.


Come toward me; if i tap my leg, come all the way to me and touch my leg.

That will do

Time to stop working. Use this often between work situations.

Look back or go back

I usually want the dog to figure out how to keep all the sheep together, so i prefer to get between the two splits of sheep until the dog figures it out. You can also teach the dog this "look back" command to go after sheep that are out of sight. Never send a dog on a "look back" unless there is livestock there.


Dog backs straight back like horse. This will maintain contact with the stock but relieving pressure.

Get back

Move the dog straight back away from the livestock.


Turn away from the stock and go the opposite of the sheep. If you where saying out and you are near the sheep you should see the dogs tail till you redirect "there stop".

Source: Jan Wesen

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