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Pedigrees can sometimes be confusing with all of the titles dogs (he or she) can earn, I have taken a portion of Rio's pedigree to try to explain what each ASCA title means. I could create another page just for AKC herding titles, which I might do later, but for now I'm only explaining ASCA titles.

There are some that are not listed on his pedigree, but I will try to explain them also.

For a dog to receive a WTCH they must first receive titles in all started, open, and advanced arenas.

Each dog must compete in two (2) trials and achieve a qualifying score (QS) in each trial to obtain the titles listed. 
The exceptions to the rule are the RTD and RDX titles, these titles are given by an evaluator after observing the dog work at home doing normal chores.

Pre-name Titles:
WTCH - Working Trial Champion

Post-name titles:
STD - Started Trail dog (QS - 69/100)
OTD - Open Trail dog (QS - 88/125)
ATD - Advanced Trail dog (QS - 88/125)
PATD - Post Advanced Trail dog (QS - 88/125)
RTD - Ranch Trail dog (QS - 75/100)
RDX - Ranch Dog Excellent

The lower case letters after a title such as ATDscdgp stand for sheep, cattle, ducks, goats, and pigs.

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