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This bill died on the floor on August 23, 2008

But I will keep the overview posted to let everyone know what we were fighting so hard to make sure did NOT go through.

Known as "California Healthy Pets Act"
Summary of bill:
It would be illegal to have an intact cat or dog over four months of age unless you have an intact permit from your local Jurisdiction; city or county. The local jurisdiction can charge whatever they want for the permit. As written the bill says that the only dogs that can get a permit are

Those that are registered with AKC, UKC, or ADBA, and any registry that is approved by the local authorities.
and is a guide dog or other service dog
and is a police dog,
and you have a letter from your vet saying the dog is too sick to be spayed or neutered

There is not a dog in the state, or any other state, that meets all those requirements.   In private conversation the author of the bill says the "and" is a mistake. It is supposed to be an "or". We take her at her word and assume the bill will be changed, but even with an "or" this bill would have been devastating if it became law.

Latest  revisions  to the proposed bill included, but were are not limited to:
Dog/cat must be active in conformation shows
Dog must be active in herding trials
Dog must be active in agility competions
Dog owner must show proof of active training in one of the accepted arenas set forth in proposed bill.

Rev. 15 January 18

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