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Legends DVD/Video and Manual
2005 Stockdog 101

$80.00 plus $7.00 postage and handling
Steve & Anne Shope
Legends Three Pine Ranch
671 CR AO32
Estancia, NM 87016-8032

Slash V DVD
"Training Your Stock Dog" by Steve Winn
Features segments on proper use of the crook/stick, work with started dogs on sheep, cattle, and ducks, using mostly Aussies and a Kelpie.
$35 paypal dollars (ppd) in US or Canada
$40 paypal dollars (ppd) overseas
Terry Martin
3530 N FM 1744
Hico, TX 76457 or PayPal to slashv@htcomp.net
e-mail the above if questions.

Las Rocosa Herding DVD's
Herding I - This video provides an overview of stock dog training basics.
Herding II - Deals with introducing the young dogs to the skills needed for working livestock.
Herding III - Advanced penning & shedding) Details advanced skills.
Each sold for $50.00

Las Rocosa Conformation Showing DVD
In The Ribbons - The Dog Show - preparing & competing with your Aussies.
Sold for $50.00

Send orders to:
Las Rocosa
32160 Private Road 55
Kiowa, CO 80117

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