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What does CERF stand for:
Canine Eye Registration Foundation

What does a CERF exam check for:
Any and all eye anomalies.  Here is a more detailed look at what a CERF exam checks for CERF Categories

Frequency of Testing:

Exam must be conducted by a board certified CERF Ophthalmologist.
CERF exams are required before breeding by the "Codes of Ethics" set forth by  ASCA, USASA, and AKC

This is filled out at the time of your exam, make sure the CERF Veterinarian you vist places their number on the form.

Approximate Cost:
Cost per god depends on number of dogs examined at one visit. Fees are typically between $30.00 and $55.00 per dog.

Minimum age requirement for initial CERF exam:
6 Weeks 

To be included in CHIC an annual CERF exam must be conducted.

CERF Veterinarian list

CERF Sample Form

CERF Veterinarians listed by State

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