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What is DNA-CP (Certified Profile):
Produces a unique DNA profile of your dog. Parents were not DNA'd

What is DNA-VP (Verified Parentage):
Produces a unique DNA profile of your dog, it is compared to parents DNA on file.

ASCA requires that all adults producing a litter be DNA profiled starting Jan. 2010.
Sample Type:
Blood or Swab

Send Samples to:
ASCA - Therion International
36 Phila St, 2nd Floor
Saratoga Springs
NY 12866

MMI Lab Canine Department
(800) 311-8808 Ext. 3021

Canine Heritage™ Breed Test
(800) DNA-DOGG
email: info@canineheritage.com

ASCA and AKC/USASA utilize different labs, testing procedures, and assign different numbers. You can have your Aussie tested by both organizations for DNA. Contact the organization that you are wanting to have process the DNA sample for detailed instructions.

Approximate Cost:
If you choose to send blood you will have Vet blood draw fees and ASCA Kit fees
Blood - $40
Swab - $45
Lab fees - included in sample fee

If you import an Aussie from outside the United States that is registered with an organization that is recognized by AKC, such as the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), you will be required to have an AKC DNA test done  before a litter from that dog can be registered.

What is the Purpose of the DNA Gene Bank
To facilitate future research and testing aimed at reducing the incidence of inherited diseases

Sample Type:
Blood or Swab

Send Sample to:
Form is sent to ASCA
Samples and form are sent to Therion

University of Missouri
Attn: Dr. Gary Johnson
320 Connoway Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

Disease reduction and profiling


CHIC DNA information page
Swab - collection instructions
Blood - collection instructions

Approximate Cost:
ASCA fees - $35.00    

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