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What is Hip Dysplasia:
A genetic disease that affects the hip joints of most dogs.

Evaluations for Hip Dysplasia are only done by OFA or PennHip, they can NOT be evaluated by your Veterinarian for a rating.

Currently the Australian Shepherd ranks 122 out of 150 breeds tested for Hip Dysplasia. Please read the OFA statistics for other breed rankings.

X-Rays are to be sent to:
OFA with the application

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) requires an application be sent with the x-rays from your Veterinarian.

Approximate Costs:
X-Rays from you Vet, $100 - $300 per film
OFA Application Fee - $35.00
If Elbow Dysplasia x-rays are submitted at the same time, OFA application costs are reduced by $30.00

Minimum age requirements for OFA hip evaluations:
24 months

Minimum age requirements for PennHip evaluations:
4 Months

Organizations that require Hips be certified before breeding occurs:

Organization that will health certify Australian Shepherds:

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