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What is Multi Drug Resistance (MDR1):
Australian Shepherds tested positive can have adverse reactions to drugs such as ivermectin, loperamide (Imodium®), and others. Ivermectin is the most commonly known and is found in many heart-worm prevention medications. Look under Multi Drug Resistance MDR1 (left) to find the currently known lists of bad drugs

Breeds affected:
Predominately herding breeds

Sample Type Required:

Send Samples to:
Washington State University Veterinary Clinical (WSU-VCPL)
PO Box 2280
Pullman WA
Phone/FAX: 509-335-3745

Washington State University has an online application for swabs.

Approximate Cost:
WSU Fees - $60 - $70

Minimum Age Requirement:

Test recommended by: ASCA, USASA, and AKC
This is a CHIC optional requirement

Breeder's Note:
If both parents test Normal/Normal for Multi Drug Resistance (MDR1) then all puppies from those parents will also be clear of Multi Drug Resistance (MDR1)  and can be cleared by parentage from OFA.

Rev. 15 January 18

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