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What is Patellar Luxation:
Kneecap luxates, or pops out of place

Currently the Australian Shepherd ranks 69 out of 87 breeds tested for Patellar Luxation. Please read the OFA statistics for other breed rankings.

Evaluations for Patellar Luxation are only done by OFA or PennHip, they can NOT be evaluated by your Veterinarian.

Sample Type:

X-Rays are to be sent to:

OFA requires an application for Patellar Luxation

Approximate Cost
X-Rays from you Veterinarian - $100 - $300 per film
OFA Application Fee - $7.50 - $30.00 

Minimum age requirements for OFA evaluations:
12 months

Test recommended for stud dogs by:USASA

Rev. 15 January 18

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