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Can dogs have a sexually transmitted disease?
Yes, and it's called Brucellosis.

What is Brucellosis?

It is a disease of the reproductive tract which may cause abortion or absorption in females, infection of the sexual organs in males, and infertility in both sexes. It is a sexually transmitted disease similar to human Guanaria.

When should I test for Brucellosis?
  1. When you get a new dog in your kennel.
  2. At least a month before breeding
Should I quarantine a new dog?
Yes, all new dogs brought in to a kennel should be separated until after both test results are back.

Should I always test a dog before a breeding occurs?

Yes, all dogs (male and female) should be tested at least 3-4 weeks before a cross is allowed.

What will happen to the litter if I cross a dog or dogs that are positive for Brucellosis?
  1. All or some of the puppies will be absorbed by the mother and it could be as if you never bred her
  2. The puppies that are born will die after birth, typically very soon after birth but not always.
Can puppies survive from an infected parent(s)?
Yes, it is very rare, but there is always a chance that a puppy might survive.

What inexpensive tests are available for checking my dogs for Brucellosis?

  1. Rapid slide agglutination test (RSAT – usually run in-house at the veterinary clinic)
  2. Tube agglutination test (TAT – usually run at a testing laboratory)
What should I do if my dog tests positive?
  1. Keep him/her quarantined from ALL other dogs and livestock
  2. Have the dog re-tested with an Agarose Gel Immuno-diffusion (AGID) test from the Diagnostic Laboratory at Cornell University
How is Brucellosis transmitted?
Typically through matings but it can also be transmitted through vaginal discharge or aborted material from infected females, and from urine containing semen or prostatic fluid from infected dogs. In addition, dogs may spread bacteria in, saliva, nasal and ocular secretions, and feces.

What should I do if my dog has Brucellosis?
There are two options, treatment and euthanasia. The antibiotic treatment is expensive and those dogs that have gone through treatment are suspected to then be carriers of the disease. Unfortunately euthanasia is the only full proof method to ensure the disease is not spread from dog to dog, or dog to human.

How do I treat my kennels if a dog tests positive?
Use a diluted bleach water solution sprayed on or scrubbed in to the flooring of each kennel. I would make this a monthly common practice.

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