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Pelger-Huet Anomaly (PHA), is a hereditary condition (an autosomal recessive disorder), is a developmental abnormality of one type of white blood cells. Most Australian Shepherds appear to be clinically healthy individuals, but who are heterozygous for the trait.

Australian Shepherds found to carry PHA are not predisposed to infections and are not known to be immune deficient, but they have been incorrectly diagnosed with both. Having your Australian Shepherd tested and a diagnosis of this disorder will avoid unnecessary laboratory testing as well as improper drug administration.

Crosses between two Australian Shepherds with PHA may result in smaller litter sizes because the homozygous form of the anomaly is usually lethal in prenatal animals or full-term offspring are stillborn. In the unlikely event that PHA puppies survive, they may exhibit osteochondrodysplasia (severe skeletal deformities).

PHA is a breeding concern it is a good idea to educate all new owners of breeding quality puppies of this potential problem.

Pelger Huet Testing Requirements and Costs

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