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Health > Toxins and Poisons > Human Foods

These foods are meant for people not Australian Shepherds, or any other breed of dog.

  1. Alcoholic drinks
  2. Baby food (garlic or onion source)
  3. Caffeine
  4. Cat food
  5. Chocolate
  6. Citrus oil extracts
  7. Fat trimmings
  8. Garlic (raw, cooked, or powder)
  9. Grapes and raisins (kidney failure)
  10. Hops
  11. Human vitamins containing iron
  12. Large amounts of liver
  13. Milk and other dairy products
  14. Moldy or spoiled food, garbage
  15. Onions (raw, cooked, or powder)
  16. Brittle bones (i.e. chicken)
  17. Raw eggs
  18. Raw fish
  19. Salmon
  20. Yeast dough
  21. Sugar-Free gum, candy, baked goods, etc. made with xylitol (see  Wikipedia concerns for effects on dogs)

Rev. 15 January 18

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