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Because Australian Shepherds are high energy, high activity dogs they need to have a food that will provide a high metabolized energy and digest as quickly as possible. It takes the average dog 3 hours to digest a meal and if a food is baked instead of extruded it breaks down quicker and into very fine particles not swelling into larger pieces as extruded foods do. This serves two purposes; it helps prevent bloat (AKA twisted gut and stomach torsion) and it allows the dog to use every bit of what it has eaten as fuel producing A LOT less waste for you to pick up in the yard and it doesn't stink like the foods made with animal grade ingredients and corn.

Some people would have you believe that dogs are pure carnivores, but they are not. They need meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains that they can digest. Even wolves in the wild are not pure carnivores their diet is primarily made up of meat, but they also eat wild fruits, nuts, and roots when their bodies crave them indicating a lack of some vital vitamin or mineral.

The top reasons we take great care in choosing what we feed our dogs are: 
All of the information about dog nutrition used to be here on the Cloyd Aussies website, but it got so large I had to create another website for it. So it is now located at:

Some of the information you will find on the Healthy K9 Foods website includes:
Understanding ingredients
Who make what dog food
Dog Food Recalls
Understanding Dog Foods

There are over 60 pages on the Healthy K9 Foods website, bookmark it and come back often.

Top things that dogs are allergic to:
The unfortunate news is that most of the store brand foods are made with one or all of these ingredients because they are cheap.

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