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Pup Development

To have a well adjusted dog it starts with getting a puppy from a breeder that interacts with their puppies from birth until they go to their new homes.  Each breeder is going to do things a little differently from the next, but some things are very important to look at and consider when selecting the breeder and the puppy that you are going to welcome in to your life for many years to come. 

Here are some of the things we do to prepare our puppies for life and to make sure the puppy you picked matches your lifestyle as closely as possible.  We group what we do here in to four basic categories; Neurological Stimulation, Personality Tests, Socialization, and Enrichment.

Neurological Stimulation starts from the day the babies are born. Within moments of birth (after mom has them cleaned) we are picking them up weighing them, touching them all over and doing a general once over to make sure everything looks good, you know 10 fingers, 10 toes. Generally early stimulation includes things such as; touching and handling daily, new situations, different sounds, textures, smells, temperatures and surfaces. This early stimulation has been shown to improve cardio-vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, a higher stress tolerance, and greater resistance to disease.

Personality testing is conducted at two separate times, once when the puppy turns 6 weeks (42 days) old and again at 7 weeks (49 days).  The testing done at 6 weeks is to get a general idea of the puppy's basic personality, allowing a family with small children to pick a more submissive puppy that will not try to herd the children with small nips and pushes or for a more dominate, independent puppy to go to a working ranch. The test done at 7 weeks is more detailed to find out if a puppy is inclined to do better in one area over another such as tracking, herding, obedience, etc.  Also the results that are obtained at 7 weeks give a more accurate indication of what the dog's personality will be like when they are an adult. I am always asked if the personality test results of that 7 week old puppy are still the same at 1, 2 or even 3 years old...the answer is yes. 

Socialization starts from the beginning also, all litters are born and raised in our home to be around people and other dogs. We convert our dining room over to a whelping area to ensure someone is around the puppies all the time.  We conduct puppy meet and greets and invite friends and neighbors of all ages over to play with the puppies inside until they have received their first immunization.

Enrichment is the positive sum of experiences. This is also another form of socialization, but interactive for the puppy.  It begins with trips to the Red Bluff Park or Gerber School around 6 1/2 weeks old. The park is small (only an acre) but it introduces new smells, textures, situations, people, and dogs to stimulate the puppies socially and neurologically. Some of the other enrichment we do includes a visit to the veterinarian, an elementary school, and local stores that allow puppies.

In the Development section of our site you will find many of the tests and exercises explained that we use, some suggestions for picking the right puppy for the right activity, further socialization and enrichment activities and some information about the mental development of a puppy into adulthood. We will try to answer questions such as, When does a puppy go through it's teenage stubbornness?

These exercises and tests are proven to work. They are used by top breeders and organizations such as:
The Monks of New Skete (German Shepherd breeders)
The Military's Dog Training Program
Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia (Breeder/AKC Judge)
Volhard kennels (Multiple breed breeders / Trainers)

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