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We perform 2 different types of early neurological stimulation here; the "3 Minute Stress Exercise" and the Bio Sensor Exercise" (what we call puppy massages).

The massages start when the puppies are 24 hours old continuing until they are 7 weeks old and the stress exercises are done for 7 days starting when the puppies are one week old.

Each exercise is very short, but they do wonders for helping each puppy develop fully.

There are many other simple ways to enhance stimulation:
  1. Have a large variety of toys with different textures, and sounds available
  2. Change toys around to keep them fresh
  3. Place things in the whelping area that the puppies have to walk on to get use to different surfaces
  4. Touch them and talk to them when you go past the whelping area
  5. Purposely make lots of different noises, but not scary, sudden noises
  6. Take them outside as soon as you are able, so they can feel the ground (rock, grass, cement, etc.)
  7. Put them in an exercise pen outside (with you in it) and run a hose so they can feel the water on their feet. If they get use to the water on their feet, spray it in the air as if it was raining. Yes your going to get wet, but they have lots of fun. Of course only use water outside as a stimulus if it is warm.
Generally, genetics account for about 35% of the performance of a dog, but the remaining 65%, management, training, and nutrition, can make the difference and it all starts with the proper stimulation at the breeders very early in a puppy's life.

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