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Enrichment is more than just socialization, it is allowing the puppies to interact with their surroundings. Meaning, it is a safe exciting area where they can freely investigate, manipulate and interact with everything around them.

Enrichment activities start at the breeder and continue for years with the new parent(s).  Here is a good analogy to explain the canine learning abilities when referenceing enrichment. All the time they are growing they are learning because their nervous systems are developing and storing information that may be of tremendous use at a later date.

Some enrichment activities are:
  1. Visit Parks (people and dog)
  2. Visit Schools
  3. Go to 4-H meetings
  4. Visit Veterinarian
  5. Obedience classes
  6. Puppy/dog Socials
  7. Go to a shopping center with lots of customers
  8. Go to Agility / obedience / herding trials
  9. Go to obedience shows
When measured in later life, the results show that those reared in an enriched environment tend to be more inquisitive and are more able to perform difficult tasks.

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