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Our puppy socialization program starts earlier than most, typically before the puppies are even one week old, but the most critical time to ensure puppies are properly socialized is between 4 and 6 weeks,

Socialization is commonly understood to be the introduction of a new puppy to different people, this is only one aspect of socialization. Proper socialization includes introducing puppies to other dogs, cats, animals, etc and people.

Some of the ways we socialize our puppies are:
  1. Place whelping area close to high occupancy area
  2. Introduce to many different people of all ages
  3. Introduce to different dogs of all sizes
  4. Puppy meet and greets at our home
  5. Visit neighbors with and without dogs
  6. Visit school classroom (6th grade)
  7. Go to the park
  8. Go to the Veterinarian, just to visit. This serves two purposes, they become familiar with the smell and they won't be afraid when it comes time to go for a check-up
Most researchers agree that among all species, a lack of adequate socialization generally results in unacceptable behavior and often times produces undesirable aggression, neediness, fearfulness, sexual inadequacy and indifference toward partners.

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