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Australian Shepherd BreederFirst, don’t buy the first cute puppy you find.  You need to look around and compare different breeders and pedigrees.  Make sure you observe the conditions of the kennel, are they clean, does every dog have its own space, is there enough room for them to run and play.  When approaching the mommy make sure you are with the owner, because she might be a little protective of her babies.  Check the mom over, she might not look the greatest right now after raising 6-8 puppies, but you can tell if she is malnourished or not (typically by the condition of her coat - is it dull and lifeless). Check the puppies, they should be fat and happy. They should also be clean with healthy gums and eyes.

Take your time, look and play with each puppy, ask the breeder questions about the puppies that you connect with the best. The breeder should be able to answer any personality questions you have and be able to produce a personality test that each puppy took.  A breeder should never force you to make a quick decision, if you feel pressured, walk away.  There are always other puppies out there, in May and June of 2006 there were 514 Australian Shepherd litters born (approximately 3000 puppies) and registered with the Australian Shepherd Club of America.  Now just think, this was only one registry and only two months out of the year.  This information obtained from the September/October issue of the Aussie Times.

Take your questions with you when you go to look at a litter of puppies and take notes on everything you observe, because after you get there you always forget what you wanted to ask or what you wanted to look at, I know from experience.
Australian Shepherd Puppy
Don’t ever be afraid you are going to offend the breeder if you’re taking notes, most likely the breeder will be overjoyed that you are taking that much of an interest in the breed.  If the breeder does get offended, don’t buy a puppy from them.  This is another way to weed out the back yard breeders and puppy mills that you don’t want to deal with anyway.

After you have all you notes together, call the breeder back to set-up a second visit or arrange to pick-up a specific puppy.  It is always a bad idea to show-up unannounced to a breeders house.  This is mainly for the health and welfare of the litter.  Breeders usually don’t want a lot of foot traffic on one day looking at puppies because of the possibility of sickness and the spread of disease.

Your heart is still going to influence your final decision, but at least this way you’re making a well informed choice and not one from, "Oh, isn’t he cute."

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