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Approved Females Only

This contract is for the pairing of (Sire registered name) "Sire Call name" To (Dam registered name), "Dam Call name" to start on (Date).

(Dam registered name) was transported to Pure Stock Aussies on (Date)

Proposed breeding Schedule:

 Attempt(s) Date Successful
 Fourth (optional)
Breeding attempts depend on receptiveness of female.

Fees, guarantees, and expectations

  1. Stud fee  $_____________
    1. $350.00 (if unproven male)
    2. $500.00 (proven male w/o titles)
    3. $600.00 (unproven male w/titles)
    4. $700.00 (proven male w/titles)
    5. Pick puppy can be discussed in lieu of stud fees or partial stud fees
  2. Boarding fees of $10.00 per day (if female is to remain at Pure Stock Aussies without owner).
  3. Stud owner guarantees two (2) properly colored pups are born, if less than two (2) a repeat breeding is allowed.
  4. Stud owner will confine brood bitch to ensure she is not bred by another stud.
  5. Stud owner will be notified with in 48 hours after female whelps with number of puppies born.
  6. Stud owner will be provided with pictures, and descriptions of puppies at birth, 2 weeks, and 7 weeks.  Descriptions will include, but is not limited to, gender, body color, tail length, and eye color after eyes open.
  7. Stud owner reserves the right to request DNA tests if a question of parentage arises.
  8. Stud owner will be provided with eye and hip results for each puppy sold, or kept by bitch owner or family member, as breeding/show quality.
  9. Pure Stock Aussies will create a page on our website to help with puppy marketing, if
    1. Dam owner does not currently have a website and
    2. If service is requested

Stud owner will provide copies of registration papers, pictures, pedigree, OFA and CERF documentation.  

Dam owner will provide copies of registration papers, OFA, CERF, and brucellosis test results.

Signatures and addresses are on Official Contract

Rev. 25 May 09

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