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Don't be afraid to ask, we started somewhere too.

Here are some of the more common questions that we get asked and here are some of the questions we like to ask.

Do you ship?
Yes, most of our puppies being shipped within the U.S. go through Sacramento via Delta Pet First.  As of April 2008 the cost to ship a puppy, including crate and health certificate, is $300.00.  (list of airlines)
    International shipping is handled country by country.

What are your prices?
They vary according to what quality dog/pup is available. The range is typically between $500.00 and up.  This depends on Show/breeding/pet etc. quality.

What's the difference between pet (limited registration) and breeding/show (full registration)?
Limited registration papers will be marked "Not For Breeding" and no offspring of this dog can be registered. Registration applications for these dogs/puppies sold will be held until proof of spay/neuter is furnished to us. Full Registration is just that, you get all the rights and privileges (some times headaches) of owning an intact dog. As far as quality, sometimes the "limited registration" puppy has a fault, markings, or structure which will render it unsuitable for breeding. (We would never sell someone a puppy with a birth defect, these puppies are culled).  All puppies are quality puppies, but they don't present a personality or body type that could be used for anything other than a pet.

If we feel we have an Aussie that would be suitable for you, and if after hearing what we have available you are still interested, we require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to guarantee your place on our waiting list.  When you submit the deposit, you tell us your gender and color preference, preferably first and second choices. If the gender or color you requested is not available, we will give you the choice of another puppy if there are any in the litter not reserved. If we have the gender and color that you requested but you have changed your mind and request a different color or sex that is not available, you will be put on a waiting list for the next available litter.

Puppy Evaluations
We evaluate the puppies extensively from birth to weaning age, and even if we have the sex and color you request but we do not feel it is suitable for your purpose, we reserve the right to place you first in line for the next available litter.  We do not want a dominate dog going to a house with children and in turn we don't want a submissive dog going to a working ranch. 

Guarantees (Contract)
Our main concern is the welfare, happiness, and stability of the babies that are only with us for a short time. We try hard to match the right puppy or adult up with the right owner so that everyone is happy. Using our Puppy Questioner helps us do this.  We have a Pet contract and a Breeding/show contract available.

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