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Some of the first things to consider when choosing the gender of a puppy.
  1. Size
  2. Hair
  3. Heat cycles (females only)
  4. Territory
The next thing you have to decide if you want to breed.  If you don’t want the work and money that is associated with raising a litter in your house, get a male.  If you want all the happiness and fun of 6-8 babies running around and getting in to everything, get a female.  

In about two years, after hip and eye certifications, you will be able to breed if this is the choice you made and your puppy grows up structurally sound.

Old wives tale that just might help you decide on Gender
If you’re still not sure whether a male or female is right for you, try this.  I was told a long time ago by a friend and breeder, "If the man is the authoritative member of the house then get a male and if the female is the authoritative member of the house then get a female."  This has seemed to work 4 out of 5 times for puppies I have placed.

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