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All of our puppy's are personality tested before they go to the new homes.  They are each tested twice using two different tests, once at 6 weeks and again at 7 weeks. Testing a puppy at 6 weeks is not optimal, but to get an idea of personalities and the best place for each puppy we do this first test as a general guide. The test conducted when the puppies are 7 weeks old is a more accurate test of their personalities.

Puppy Test 1 is to get a basic understanding of the puppies personality for placement with the new parents.  This test is conducted at 6 weeks of age.

Puppy Test 2 is to get a more detailed understanding to allow us to give training tips to the new parents. This test is conducted on or near day 49. This test is a Volhard test used by many breeders

Feel free to use either or both of these tests with your puppies or take them with you when you're going to pick out a new baby to add to your family.

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