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The first consideration we have for our puppies is to go to a home where they will thrive. We do not allow our puppies to be placed in new homes based on coat or eye color alone, these are actually the two (2) least important things when picking a puppy to add to your family. The two (2) most important aspects of picking a puppy are; personality and what kind of a job or activity that puppy will have when he/she gets older.

Thus, a blue eyed puppy is priced the same as a puppy with brown eyes. What does effect the price of a puppy is it's personality, structure and willingness to work with people.

We do not allow any person to pick a puppy before the litter is at least 6 weeks of age.  This allows us to evaluate and properly place puppies with the right families. Each puppy is personality tested to ensure dominant puppies are not going to families with small children or submissive puppies are not going to a working or conformation home.

Our evaluation process starts from birth and proceeds until the puppies are about 7.5 weeks old.  Because all of our litters are raised in our home with continuous human contact each puppy is evaluated and handled by at least two different people daily. The pup development program here at Cloyd Aussies is also used by many other breeders all over the world.  The early stimulation starts just one day after the litter is born and continues until the new family comes to take them to their forever home.

I am often asked "How do you keep track of who's nails you've trimmed or who has gotten their shots when you have 6 - 8 very energetic puppies running around?"  We use a Whelp Schedule because sometimes the small things like weekly nail trims can get over looked and that is just unacceptable to us. The small things are just as important as the big things like immunizations.

Even if we have the gender and color you request but we do not feel it is suitable for your intended purpose or family situation, we reserve the right to sell you a pup that will better suit your needs.

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