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This is to be used as a guide to know what type of structure to look for when picking a puppy that you would like to use in your breeding program.

This guide is based on the ASCA breed standard we use it to evaluate all of our puppies to determine if they are breeding or pet quality:

Stance - Square and level with front and rear legs/toes not tuning in or out

Tracking - Front and rear views of movement– legs move smoothly and straight with no twisting or turning 

Natural Gait - Left and right side views - back and front feet meet but don’t clip each other excessively Ear folds

Top-line level - Head is held level with the body in a natural gait

Color of coat - Deep rich colors no dilute spots

Color of head - Predominately the color of the coat, no more than 1/4 white and must have colored fur around both eyes and ears must be fully colored without the presence of white.

Ears - 1/2 fold or 1/4 fold meeting at the bridge of the nose (see diagram to right - Source: Aussie Times)

Eyes - Brown or blue in color and as close to almond shape as possible with red (red coat) or black (black or blue coat) rims

Nose - Black or Red color present, depends on coat color.

Shape of feet - Oval and Compact

We also have a page that shows diagrams of an adult Australian Shepherds structure, and read the article The Puppy Pricing Predicament to find out why it is so import to pick a puppy based on structure and not coat or eye color.

Rev. 15 January 18

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