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Over the Road
If you want your puppy picked up and delivered to there new home and not put on a plane, use transportation companies such as Vagabond Hound

In the Air
Each airlines has very specific requirements for crates, bedding, food, water, and labeling.  Costs are  typically calculated on size and weight of crate (with puppy), some airlines also use destination in calculations.

When calling to make reservations you need at least:
Crate dimensions, i.e. - 23(l) x 14(w) x 12(h)
Puppy weight (or a very close guess)
Shipping date (no further away than 7 days)
Your contact information (shipper)
Party receiving puppy contact information (consignee)

Here are some of the airlines that people use to ship puppies:

Base Price -
23(l) x 14(w) x 12(h)
Some HUBs
Special Instructions
Alaskan Airlines

Rabies required if puppy is 3 months old and going to Alaska
Air Canada Listed by city

American Airlines 800-227-4622 $192.00
Dallas, TX

Continental Airlines
800-575-3335 $159.00
Houston, TX

Delta Airlines Reservations
888-736-3738 $237.00
Atlanta, GA
Label crate very well with departure and arrival locations
Delta Atlanta Cargo

Select option 3
Delta Cargo Tracking

You need your reference or way-bill numbers to track a shipment.
 Does not work with Mozilla Firefox.
Northwest Airlines
800-692-2746 $200.00

Sky West (Delta)

United Airlines
Denver, CO
Only bolted crates allowed

Some of the more common crate requirements set forth by USDA: 
These are not all inclusive requirements, you must check with each airlines for specific crate and shipping requirements.

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