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When whelping a litter of puppies it's always hard to remember what comes when and what to do next or who has already gotten their nails trimmed. It is always easier for us to do things according to a schedule so we developed a "Whelp Schedule of Events (16.4k .pdf)" that has grown with every litter and is used for each puppy to make sure all puppies get nails trimmed, weighed, and so on.  

Here is an example of some of the information that is on the Whelp Schedule:
Puppy Identifier
Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Eye Color
Dew Claw removal
When eyes and ears open
Weekly Weight Ins
Weekly Measurements
Immunizations Given (what, when, and how much)
Wormings performed (what, when, and how much)
Trips taken and how the puppy did
When Personality Tests are done
Future Immunizations to be given

Each week is color coded so we don't make a mistake and enter week two information on week three and so on. 

This list just skims the surface of what we note and pass on to the new puppy parent. Every puppy has their own Whelp Schedule and it goes with them when they leave here in their puppy packet.

I have been asked to create a Breeder check list and a Puppy Pick-up check list to help those of us with memory issues. They are not all encompassing but will help guide you in your efforts.

Before you actually pick out a puppy and use the Puppy Pick-up check list you should ask the breeder questions to make sure you are getting a good healthy puppy from a reputable breeder.

The Whelp Schedule of Events, Breeder check list, and Puppy Pick-up check lists are all .pdf's and will open a new window.

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